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ANIME SUNIKA is excited to announce the first annual Cosplay Contest! We will have Child, Teen, & Adult Masquerade Cosplay Contests and an Adult Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest.


  • Contest: 5:00PM SAT

  • Pre-Judging: 3:00PM SAT

  • Category 1: Child Masquerade (Up to Age 12)

  • Category 2: Teen Masquerade (Ages 13-17)

How to Enter: Please Sign Up Below. All entries must be completed online before 2:00pm on Saturday. There is no in-person registration at the convention.


  • Contest: 5:00PM SUN

  • Pre-Judging: 2:00PM SAT

  • Category 1: Adult Masquerade

  • Category 2: Adult Craftsmanship

How to Enter: Please Sign Up Below. All entries must be completed online before 1:00pm on Sunday. There is no in-person registration at the convention.



  • This is a family friendly contest. Please keep entries family appropriate. All males in tight or spandex leggings must wear a dance belt to participate.

  • Each cosplayer must submit a photo of themselves in the entered costume when applying to participate. This can be as simple as cell phone picture taken the day of the convention up to a professionally shot portrait.

  • Pre-judging is closed to the public. Access will be granted to only entrants, one handler max for oversize cosplays or children under the age of 13 if needed.

  • Each cosplayer will have 20-30 seconds to pose twice and walk on and off stage.

  • No flips or jumping on stage.

  • No fog machines or pyrotechnics.

  • Costumes that have won any previous awards in any other BCCC costume contest or sponsored event are not permitted.

  • Any inappropriate conduct at the event will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Follow event’s weapon policy for prop weapons. All props must be checked by security.


A fun and pressure-free way to show off your cosplay on stage regardless of where it’s from or how it was made! Everyone is invited to enter.


Entries are judged on the craftsmanship (design, construction, execution, and general presentation) of a costume. Costumes may have mass produced components, but MUST contain at least 60% of the entrant's handcrafted work. Costumes with mass produced or store bought components must be heavily modified in all levels of craftsmanship. Entrant must be able to show progress photos of costumes build. This can be done via smart device or progress book. Each participant will be given 2 minutes to explain details of work done. Commissioned costumes do not qualify for the craftsmanship category.

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